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Before You Buy Your Next Phone,  Read This.

Before You Buy Your Next Phone, Read This.


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The Nigerian market is flooded with assorted types of phones. It is very important you have the right information before you pay for your next phone. To buy a smartphone in Nigeria you need extra care. The markets are full of fake phones and refurbished phones. With the ever increasing demand for smart phones you will not jettison the activities of desperate businessmen who try to short change ignorant buyers in order to make cheap gains. The number of smartphone users in Nigeria, Africa’s biggest economy and most populous country, is forecast to grow to more than 140 million by 2025. Currently, estimates from different sources put the number of smartphone users in Nigeria at roughly 25 and 40 million. The exact number of users is hard to pin down. However, the data found shows a strong growth outlook for the Nigerian smartphone market with user numbers to at least triple within the next five to six years. Mobile phones have come a long way from a humble beginning in 2008. They have grown from just 2.8% of the smartphone market in 2009 to over 85% of the smartphone market today. Android phones are doing well globally, and in Nigeria they are gaining in popularity, thanks largely to cheap and affordable Android phones from global brands like Samsung and Lenovo as well as Chinese brands like Tecno, Infinix, Itel, and Innjoo.
I will take you through an easy guide on things to look out for when you want to purchase a phone. To get the best smartphone that will serve the purpose for which you bought it, you have to pay a close attention to the specification. Phones come in various specifications, but I will take you through the basics ones you need to look out for.

1. Screen Size/Resolution

This is the size of the device’s screen. It is most likely measured in inches or cm/mm. Are you a fan of large screen phone, then you should be looking at a device in the range or larger than 5.5/6.0 Inches.

2. Android/IOS Version

Endeavor to check if the phone is running on the most recent version of Android OS or iOS . It is important you confirm that the phone OTA update to receive latest Android and iOS version updates.


3. Camera Pixels (Front & Rear)

We are all about the power of our cameras, taking high definition selfies. So make sure your front facing camera is up to the task, the rear should also be a monster. You should be looking at a device in the range of… (Minimum: Front=5MP & Rear=8MP)
If you so love snapping pictures at night then consider buying a phone with dual lead light, going for double lead rear camera light is perfect even though some single lead camera phone could appear brighter.

4. Network Type

5G LTE network is the latest network band in town, virtually all our telecommunications company (Glo, MTN, Etisalat, Airtel, SMILE, SPECTRANET, SWIFT & Ntel) have embraced this new tech development. You have to make sure the device you want to purchase will come with a 4G LTE broadband at least. This will enable you enjoy all the internet access and features that come with it. You can check online with the phone make and specifications to confirm if it is 4G/5G compatible

5. Processor Speed

This covers the response behavior of your phone apps and services. If you’re the type that enjoys playing high graphics games then you should endeavor to go for a minimum of 1.4GHz. (Hexacore or Octacore), Samsung Galaxy is renowned for great processing speed

6. RAM

Recent phones in the market boast of up to 8GB RAM size. This will make sure your phone has more memory to buffer and prevent hanging. A device with minimum of 2GB Ram is ok, but not less. With 2GB RAM you can run more apps & services at once without experiencing a crash or your phone hanging unnecessarily.

7. Storage Capacity

Internal storage capacity of your phone should be at least 16GB and expandable with SD card. With this you can install more apps plus save more pictures, documents, videos and music. Apples phones have internal memory of up to 128GB and more, while Android phone has up to 64GB and more.


8. Quick Charging Feature (Flash Charge)

Phones are recently built with ‘Quick Charge’, this features allows you to be able to charge your phone quicker and faster using a ‘Quick Charge’ charger. In addition to the specs above, your desired Android phone will be much more complete with such feature. I’m really enjoying it here, writing from experience.

9. OTA Update

This stand for “Over The Air” Why get a device without OTA updates?. This feature helps you update your phone version to new ones by simply downloading it. If you don’t want to change your phone but wants newest updates, with OTA feature you can. Make sure you confirm that that phone will constantly receive updates to firmware, services and functionality before making a purchase.

10. Weight
Some phones are made of metal plates, this makes them heavy.  The battery size and screen size also contribute to the overall weight of the phone. Some devices can be annoyingly heavy so ensure to check its weight before buying.

11. Battery Capacity

In a country like Nigeria with rapid decadence in electricity, it’s very paramount you don’t overlook this. The capacity of your phone should be nothing less than 4000mAh unless you want to go about carrying a power bank. 3000mAh battery capacity is manageable though.
Stay tuned to get my compilation on phones with best battery capacities.




When you hear UK used phone one might think they all are phones from UK, however it is a way of referring to foreign used phones. Used phones are sorted from different countries like USA, China, Dubai, UK, Etc. however, UK used phones are more expensive compared to those coming from Asian countries. This is because of perception and pedigree. Nigerians assume products from China to be substandard or fake.

There are quite a a number of places you can get genuine phones both used and new ones. I decided to make a call on Ignix Mobile Concept located in Lagos State Nigeria.  I had a chat with Mr. George. He gave me a general insight into the business of used phone popularly known as UK used phones.

IGNIX MOBILE CONCEPT Is located at Shop C 18, Ware House A Matori Road, Ladipo Market Mushin Lagos.
Call Mr. George: 0701653204
Business hours: MON-SAT 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM


Why do people buy Used Phone?

Mr George: From research and findings, the major reason people go for a foreign used phone is because of price. New phones can be quite expensive. After the release of new phones, it takes 4-6 months for them to be available as second hand. This is so because newer versions are released and people opt for the updated ones. The older versions are pushed into the used phone market. You can get a new iPhone x for 280-300 thousand Naira, but you can get the same spec of phone for 220-225 thousand Naira.

What should I look  out for when buying a used phone?

Mr.  George: It is very important you take precautions before paying for a used phone. Even a mobile phone geek, if care is not taken, can buy a defective used phone. I will be listing the necessary precaution to note irrespective of the seller.

*You need to know the specifications and features of the phone you wish to buy.
*Read about the phone, and check out reviews of other users. This will help you avoid buying a phone with developer issues.
*You can also check out the phone from someone who is already using the phone.
*Have prior knowledge of the price of the new phone.
*Check the year of release of the phone. The older the year the cheaper the phone.
*Inspect every accessory in the phone; battery, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, charging port, ear piece, insert your SIM and makes a call, check the audio, the screen display,
*Very important to ensure you’re not buying a stolen phone.

I hope that was enlightening. next time you want to buy a new phone check out these things so you don’t end up buying a defective phone.


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