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Safety Tips

Safety Tips

Because we take security and your safety serious on this platform, we have to keep our users safe always, both sellers and buyers should know how to remain safe online to avoid mistakes.

Meetings (Seller and Buyer)

When buyers and sellers meet, ensure you check item quality to see if it meets your specification before you make payment.

Sellers: You are advised NOT to ask for payment before meeting with the buyer

Buyers: Don’t pay before delivery, don’t send money to an unknown person, always pay after inspection and delivery of the purchased item.

Job Seekers: Never pay anyone for a job, do a background check of any company or website thoroughly, do not go to a remote place or hideout for any job interview. NEVER you disclose your ATM PIN, bank account or other personal details to any person.
Avoid too much pleasantry and attractive offers in a quick time or hug money, they are mostly unrealistic

Fake Payments for services: No individual accepts payment on behalf of Eron Online, report any one who claims to offer such services.

In addition, for you to avoid terribly and serious mistakes. Here are some general safety recommendations to have in mind so you can use our platform without stress.

1. For your safety, there is every possibility that both the buyer and the seller will be meeting each other for the first time, so you have to take precaution by meeting in an open place; meanwhile inform other people around about your movement, such as the location you will be meeting, and who you will be meeting. For best practice, don’t go alone, ask a friend, colleague or your sibling to accompany you to the meeting location.

2. Be careful when using online payment gateways because it can be masked. If you must use it, kindly visit the website of such company offering such online payment to verify yourself, instead of trusting on any third party.

3. Beware of quick business transactions as such could be an act to rush you into concluding without actually understanding the whole business. Take your time and don’t be in a hurry to do business with your client.

4. Never involve a third party, who you don’t know in the case or wiring money, because if the nature of the business changes, the money cannot be retrieved.

5. You may choose to receive payment by hand or bank, but which ever case, confirm alert has been received either by contacting your account officer of by checking your account status with USSD code of your bank or with your phone before you exchange goods or services, if you must receive payment by hand, make sure is in a safe location visible by other individuals who can come to your aid if need be. Beware that fake account notification can be sent out to anybody, so do not fall victim.

6. Be calculative, in events someone wants to pay more than the asking price, or go low for a product with high value, sometimes this might sign of foul play, stop the transaction immediately

7.  Do not buy used phones or laptops, except you are buying from a known friend and you have ascertained that he was the previous User, as it could be a product of theft, armed robbery or kidnapping, if so and you are arrested, you will be dealing with a case of armed robbery or kidnapping. Also do not buy vehicles from vendors, until you check the registration details at the National Vehicles Registration Database to know the actual owners, or you ascertain that the Customs Papers are genuine, it could be stolen, robbed vehicles or a product of a kidnapping operation.

8. For any form of payment, please use the escrow to secure your payment. For more information about the escrow click here

Avoid request that involve the use of Western money transfer or Money-Gram

For further questions and clarifications. Contact us at

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