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Advertisements Fraud and Online marketing.

Advertisements Fraud and Online marketing.

Advertisement fraud is the theory and practice of fraudulently representing online advertisements,impressions, clicks, conversion or data events in order to generate invalid traffic.  They could also be identified as spam clicks.  Most times, these ad frauds are done to generate revenue or false traffic.

How to avoid Advertisement Fraud:

 1.  Educate yourself on the fact that ad fraud exists.

2. Use Anti-click fraud softwares.

 3 . Use Trusted platforms.

4. Limit your Ad spends to verified websites.

5. Use social media targeted advertisements.

6. Know who you’re dealing with, don’t operate with machines, else your website /product can be compromised.

7. Do not open suspicious texts, pop-up windows or click on links or attachments in emails.

8. Use marketing platforms with trusted and high ratings.

Online marketing/internet advertising is quite a tool used at its greatest value as it is the 21st century way of marketing/advertising which uses the internet to deliver promotional marketing content to consumers/ potential clients. 

Why you need an Online marketing platform?

 You need an online marketing platform because it can be used to drive traffic to your site and build brand awareness. Effective campaigns can create great traffic and reach potential or complimentary audiences.

 Online Marketing is fast, flexible and trackable.  You can also increase brand awareness, credibility and trust.

  With online marketing you can promote to your specific target market.

  With Retargeting, you can remarket to people based on their existing online engagements.  With online marketing you can meet prospective brand influencers who have the ability to promote and enhance your product to the public eye.

  Online marketing exposes you to your competitors, teaching you how to learn to promote, get better at marketing and learn tactics that promote your brand. 

While there are merits of online marketing, there are also demerits.   For example some online platforms post goods that do not exist at attractive prices and ask for an upfront payment to defraud the buyers while some others post goods and deliver a completely different product from the one the customer ordered.

There are more advantages than disadvantages in online marketing which gives you an 85% chance of  marketing, selling and buying successfully. 

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