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Subscribers Confirmation

A confirmed seller has provided additional evidence of their identity to Eron Online. Confirmation increases the overall security of the Eron Online website because most buyers prefer to do business with confirmed sellers with this badge

How we Confirm sellers?

To confirm a seller, we request the following documents from the seller:

Incorporation Certificate or Business Name Registration Certificate

Any one of the following:

Utility bill with the address on your account on Eron Online (not more than 3 months old). Example: NEPA or water bill, Most recent tax clearance

Why we confirm sellers?

Confirmation helps increase trust and safety in our platform. Buyers can feel more confident doing business with confirmed sellers, who are more likely to be legitimate and trustworthy.


To become confirmed, a seller on Eron Online must provide us with their incorporation certificate and a utility bill, office premises letting contract or most recent tax clearance. Because these institutions are required to screen people, Eron Online’s confirmation process increases security when dealing with parties you do not know.

Please note that Eron Online’s confirmation system does not constitute an endorsement of a seller, nor a guarantee of the seller’s business practices. You should always consider other safety tips when evaluating sellers.

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