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There’s freedom in owning your own business



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Nigeria is set to celebrate her 59th independence anniversary tomorrow 1st October 2019. It is a good time to celebrate independence in business too. The freedom involved in running your own business is a primary reason why entrepreneurs go out on a limb to create their own business and become their own boss. For all entrepreneurs, starting a business is the route to ‘life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness as well as financial freedom. The independence gained in starting a business can go a long way toward feeling fulfilled and making impact at your own pace. When you dictate your own schedule and are your own boss, control is in your hands. Sure there’s stress involved, but more than 80% of business owners say they were happy to be small business owners and generally want to maintain that status. The enormous independence and freedom business owners enjoy among others are;



A common frustration for employees is hitting the wall of bureaucracy, the endless hoops to jump through and clearances to gain before a new idea or concept can even be discussed. Navigating such obstacles can seem daunting, and wear on employees. But small businesses can break those walls down. When you own your own business you can give your employees more flexibility than they could get from a big employer, and even if you work alone, set up simple ways to keep track of taxes, expenses, accounts, so you’re not controlled by paperwork.



There is beauty in having a business dream and having the courage to actually follow it. The level of satisfaction and accomplishment can be enormous. As long as you remain an employee, you are enslaved to pursue targets made by your employer. The motivation and drive to chase a course is born from owning your own business.


The creativity that you get to unleash when you’re setting up and running a business is just so satisfying, it makes you feel alive. For people who put a premium on creativity, it is essential to have room to experiment and explore different concepts. A highly structured business that doesn’t allow for such things can suppress ideas, and create a constant cloud over employees’ heads.



As with creativity, the desire to truly build something new can be a powerful thing. It’s certainly ambitious, and that sense of daring can lead to innovation. A good entrepreneur feels the incentive to offer a new service/product that no one else has offered before, it comes with excitement. That’s the same challenge an artist feels on every new canvas, or every musician feels when composing a new work.


The good feelings that can come from business independence can be significant. Sure, anyone can say that they are grateful for their job, though that may refer more to financial security than actual fulfilling work. A successful small business owner who follows a passion and creates something special can have an entirely different level of gratitude. With all the things going on in the world, with so many people who have less and suffer more, the Independence Day holiday is an appropriate time to contemplate gratitude.

From all of us at Eron Online.


To all the businesses out there, and to our esteemed customers, happy independence. We are fortunate, indeed, to have the freedom to pursue our goals, build our companies, and to create jobs for others. It’s a good time to wave the flag in gratitude. On the note of gratitude we celebrate all our customers and businesses registered with us who are thriving and pushing forward every day to make our world a better place. Happy Business Independence !



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